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Our society is becoming more and more digital and future-oriented and is in a constant state of change, which the youngest people in particular are experiencing and trying to grow with. Especially in this age of change, it is important to train and expand media skills and at the same time teach younger people how to use them in a playful way. Learning how to use new technologies in a sustainable way is important and increases children's interest in using them. In this article we will show you that this does not have to be magic.

Discover the world with exciting stories

We at Cluemasters specialise in online escape games, escape boxes and mystery games, which we have developed through many years of experience in this field and have recognised the trend that the new generation knows. Our Escape Games are designed to integrate learning-oriented content into exciting, gripping stories that convey knowledge in addition to puzzle fun. In addition to the main subjects such as mathematics, German or English, other subjects such as history or politics can also be included to prepare your protégés for the next test or class assignment.

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Do you want to help your students learn? Then order your own Cluemasters Ecsape Box.

Customised for different age groups, the Escape Game can be adapted to your classes and their needs. The story, the content to be learned as well as the name of the school and the integrated characters can be tailored to your wishes so that the students can extract the maximum nutritional value. Let yourself be taken back to the 19th century to the times of the French Revolution, help Einstein solve a complicated puzzle with equations or learn useful vocabulary in English by rescuing a sunken treasure in Scotland. Our Escape Games are versatile and teach educational content in an uncomplicated way.

We discuss the story with you in advance and plan the implementation together with you. We will be happy to take your suggestions and ideas and incorporate them into the online escape. Such an experience can be used in various ways and is also suitable for celebrating the birthday of one of your protégés. Our birthday edition, "Escape The Birthday", is particularly suitable for this, which we can customise in consultation with you.

Our Escape Boxes for the classroom

Our Cluemaster Escape Games are not only available online, but are also available as Box Editions, especially for larger classes without access to new media. The story with the individual puzzles is also available from us as a Box Edition, which transfers the challenges from the digital world into reality. Your classroom thus becomes an exciting criminal case in which you have to work against time. The Escape Box will be packed by us and sent directly to your school, so that the Escape fun can start right away.

In addition to learning new skills in handling print and digital media, the students also learn how to work with others in a team. Our Escape Games were developed as a team-building activity and can help develop social skills as well as active listening skills at an early age. Don't wait any longer and start your Escape Adventure today!

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