Escape the Virus Episode 1

A virus, a vaccine and many locks and riddles. The professor leaves a mysterious message for you and now it's your turn: Can you break the codes and distribute the vaccine?

Recommendation: 2-6 players per box


It's time. The postman rings and brings you your escape box. You open the lid and the countdown begins. An exciting adventure, which is waiting to be played by you. You can experience it everywhere, whether in the living room, at a party or as a company event. Look forward to fun, exciting puzzles and adventures together. And all this in just one box. You are ready for the first part of the "Escape the Virus"trilogy.

What's happened so far:

Within a very short time, a virus has broken out in Germany. It is very aggressive and spreads inexorably. Prof. Dr. Ebrimos started the research on a vaccine for this virus a long time ago. You and your team will support the professor at every step. But when you enter the lab one morning, you are surprised that the professor is not there yet. Usually he is already tinkering at his desk in the lab hours before you. All drawers and compartments are also padlocked. Suddenly your phone rings - the number of the professor.

"I have a bad feeling. I think I"m being followed. I"ve secured everything. Finish the vaccine and distribute it to hospitals and clinics. Take care of yourself. I'll get back to you soon." - the professor hung up. You're surprised, but get to work picking the professor's locks.

Are you going to make it?

Additional Information

Part of the triology

Part 1


60-90 minutes


Suitable from 12 years



Escape the Virus Episode 1


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