Christmas detectives

Missing presents - one day before Christmas. How could this happen? Can you help our elf Leni to uncover this tragic conspiracy?

- For 4 to 6 players
- Role-playing game with a Christmas whodunit character
- Humour - charm - for children and families
- Game material as PDF
- You get immediate access to your Clue Club
- You configure your game experience in the Clue Club
- All players receive the game booklets by email
- Max. 3 female and 3 male roles
(For a game of max. 6 persons)
- Roles can be played in a gender-neutral way

With the purchase of the game you secure a place in the brand new Clue Club of Cluemasters (more info see below under 'additional information')


Hello everyone, welcome to Santa Claus. You can expect an exciting Christmas children's story from Cluemasters. "Christmas Detectives" can be played by up to six people. Can you find the missing presents and solve the mysterious disappearance?

Dear children,

this is Santa's hard-working helpers talking. As always we have done everything to fulfill your gift wishes. But something bad has happened. Like every year we have the big sleigh meeting on December 22nd. There Santa Claus will instruct us one last time when which presents have to be loaded into which sleigh. For this we leave the workshop and meet under the big Christmas tree in his house. It was once again a wonderful evening.

But when Leni, our 1st factory elf, opened the gates to the workshop on 23 December, she already had a strange feeling. Because it was locked only once, and she usually locks it twice... After a short time the elves of the different gift departments reported that presents were missing. But how can that be?

That's why we need you, the best Christmas detectives in the world.

Can you review the evening and help us to solve the mystery of the missing gifts?

Additional Information

Number of main characters


Number of additional characters



1,5 - 2,5 hours


Suitable from 8 years

Game material

After the purchase you will receive a document with a link to your game documents. There you can easily download all game materials and start playing immediately.

The new Clue Club

With the purchase of a Cluemasters mystery game you automatically join the free and non-binding Clue Club of Cluemasters. You have no obligations, but benefit from special discounts and can participate in future puzzle designs etc. (if you want). The Clue Club is brand new at Cluemasters and part of the members area for crime gamers. You will be part of the new Clue Club, which will be expanded in the future with new features, specials, games and much much more.

Christmas detectives


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