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Play an online escape game from different locations together? No problem at all, just indicate whether you want to play as a team, as a team split (2 teams fight together for the same thing) or against each other and the puzzle fun can begin. Have you always wanted to play an online escape game with a Christmas theme? With Escape for Christmas Online we present you a turbulent Escape Game for young and old.

The Escape Story, in which you quickly immerse

Christmas is just around the corner and the Santa family is going through a lot of trouble. Just a few weeks ago the family moved into their new home. There are still mountains of unpacked boxes and furniture everywhere, which hasn't found the right spot in the house yet. Unfortunately there are still some things missing for the perfect Christmas Eve, which the family has not found in the chaos so far. The children are making their fun of the mess and have hidden one or the other important thing. Can you help the parents to find them?

Look forward to an online Escape Game for Christmas. Whether alone, in pairs or with up to six people, you play against time ... because one thing is certain: Christmas will come.


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