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Discover the best mystery games for at home - whether for dinner or in between. We also offer exciting Escape Boxes and Online Escape Rooms for young and old for the best Escape Experience with mystery feeling and strong story at home. No matter what you choose: You will soon be in Cluemasters fever!

Thrilling mystery games for Christmas

Get ready for exciting criminal cases for Christmas. Fun Christmas-themed mystery games now for the whole family and for fun evenings with friends at Christmas time. Crime games from Cluemasters combine role playing and dinner entertainment at home. You play the leading role. Buy your mystery game now from Cluemasters!

Buying mystery games is easy with Cluemasters:

  • Select mystery game & invite friends
  • Download the game booklets (PDF) via link*.
  • muck around

You will need a PDF reader to open the game booklets; alternatively, you can print out all PDF files. After purchasing the game, you will receive exclusive access to the new Clue Club, where you can configure your game experience individually.



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