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Crime scene dinner was yesterday! Welcome to Cluemasters!

Welcome to Cluemasters!

We present our best crime mystery games which you can play at home. Discover also our latest escape games online, designed with love and passion to detail. Do you love crime scene dinners? Then let's become a Cluemaster now . It's your turn as commissioner, maid, gardener, lord and as other, funny and exciting roles. In exciting, turn-based crime game episodes you solve murder cases with different characters and stories. Exciting stories from the 19th century until today await you. It couldn't be more fun! You will love it!

Do you want to get the real Escape feeling online? Then choose our Escape Game Trilogies. The Escape Games Online combine the typical flair of role playing elements with exciting puzzle tasks and all this within your browser. Alternatively, all Escape Games are also available as Boxed Edition for rent within Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Our games can be perfectly chosen for a party with your friends and family full of exciting puzzles, riddles and a touch of mystery right at home. Enjoy exciting game-trilogies, so you can always play three episodes of a miniseries.

Cluemasters present exciting mystery games to be played at home. Fun for the whole family with puzzles, riddles, a great storytelling and many, many funny moments.

Escape Games Online and as a box for at home

Crime games for the home from Cluemasters with exciting episodes, role-playing elements and stories from four hundred years of history! Classic role-playing games, contemporary storylines and unspeakable lots of fun.

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With Cluemasters, your birthday, Halloween and even Christmas will turn into unforgettable moments. Play our crime game series with your friends or family or try to beat the Unknown guy with our Escape Game Trilogies Online, directly within your browser. With Cluemasters your dinner party or a gathering with your friends and familiy will become a great, unforgettable and unique experience. Is it somebody's birthday soon? Then make him happy with a gift card for cluemasters.

We love escape games and have already visited many escape rooms. Due to the pandemic 2020 we unfortunately had to give up this hobby until we discovered Cluemasters. The attention to detail and the game series itself are phenomenal and a lot of fun. We can't get enough of it!
Stephanie Foth
Escape expert

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