Where's Susi?

Would you like to play an exciting role-playing game with your whole family? Then join the Weber family on a search for clues and help them to find Lilli's missing cuddly cat Susi. Otherwise, the little girl's school enrollment will not take place the next day.

- For 4 to 6 players
- Role-playing game with thriller character
- Humour - charm - for children and families
- Game material as PDF
- You get immediate access to your Clue Club
- You configure your game experience in the Clue Club
- All players receive the game booklets by email
- max. 4 female and 2 male roles
(For a game of max. 6 persons)
- Roles can be played gender neutral

With the purchase of the game you secure a place in the brand new Clue Club of Cluemasters (more info see below under 'additional information')


Hello dear children. Welcome to the Weber family. Can you help little Lilli to find her cuddly cat Susi again? The Cluemasters role-playing game "Where is Susi?" is an exciting and funny children's story, which can be played with up to six people.

What's happened so far:

Tomorrow is the day. 6-year-old Lilli starts school and the whole family is looking forward to the big celebration. While her parents lovingly decorate the big garden and the cake goes into the oven, Lilli is desperately looking for her cuddly toy Susi. The little cuddly cat has been with Lilli for three years now and is taken everywhere with her. Lilli can't find Susi anywhere in the house and desperately turns to her parents.

Only after a glass of lemonade Lilli slowly calm down and tell her parents that Susi was gone. She couldn't find her anywhere and she needed Susi for the first day of school tomorrow. Lilli will not go to school tomorrow without her cuddly toy, that is certain for the little girl. The parents call a family meeting to look for Susi together. The cuddly toy must be somewhere, right?

Can you help the family to find Susi the cuddly cat again?

Additional Information

Number of main characters


Number of additional characters



approx. 1,5 hours


Suitable from 8 years

Game material

After the purchase, upon successful payment, you will receive an email with the link to the Clue Club members area, which is mandatory to configure your gaming experience. This link will take you directly to the right page to configure your game experience, download the manual and much more useful information. All game material is available in PDF format only.

During the game configuration you enter the names and email addresses of your players. They will then receive their role with game booklet by email. You also assign your own role and enter your email address. You will always receive an email as a copy. If players don't have an email address, you can also assign these roles to yourself and send them by email.

The new Clue Club

With the purchase of a Cluemasters mystery game you automatically join the free and non-binding Clue Club of Cluemasters. You have no obligations, but benefit from special discounts and can participate in future puzzle designs etc. (if you want). The Clue Club is brand new at Cluemasters and part of the members area for crime gamers. You will be part of the new Clue Club, which will be expanded in the future with new features, specials, games and much much more.

Where's Susi?


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