The illicit misstep

Autumn 1927: Cornelius Goodwin has invited to clear up the mysterious death of his wife Rachel. A well-known lady dies tragically in her own home. Which of the guests present wanted her death?

- For 4 to 7 players
- Role-playing game with thriller character
- Humor - charm - pure communication
- Game material as PDF
- You get immediate access to your Clue Club
- You configure your game experience in the Clue Club
- All players receive the game booklets by email
- max. 2 female and 5 male roles
(For a game of max. 7 players)
- Roles can be played gender neutral

With the purchase of this game you secure yourself a place in the brand new Clue Club by Cluemasters (more info see below under 'additional information')


Welcome to your Cluemasters murdermystery game, The illicit misstep. Besides the four main characters Cornelius and Charles Goodwin, Leopold Olsen and Elisabeth Porter you have the possibility to extend this crime game with six more characters. Simply play this crime game from the 20s with up to ten guests.

It is a cold autumn morning in 1927 when tragic news reaches you. Rachel Goodwin, mother, wife and friend, has passed away. A death which affects each and every one of you in a different way. A death that could reveal secrets and destroy a seemingly happy family. A death that could turn friends into enemies and bring out intrigue and resentment.

Rachel Goodwin, the wife of Cornelius Goodwin was found dead in the bedroom a few days ago by the "butler" William Baker. According to the police, this is a homicide. Since Rachel Goodwin was found dead at home, the killer must be a person from her immediate environment, according to the police.

Rachel's grieving husband has invited you all to the funeral service at his home. Not only to grieve together, but also to find her killer and hand him over to the police. But will this be as simple as you thought? Will the killer simply surrender? What motive could he have had?

Questions upon questions, but the most important one:

Will you find the murderer?

Additional Information

Number of main characters

4 (1 w / 3 m) - can be played by all genders.

Number of additional characters

3 (1 w / 2 m) - depending on how many players join - characters can be played by all genders.


2 - 4 hours


Recommended from 16 years of age

Game material

After the purchase, upon successful payment, you will receive an email with the link to the Clue Club members area, which is mandatory to configure your gaming experience. This link will take you directly to the right page to configure your game experience, download the manual and much more useful information. All game material is available in PDF format only.

During the game configuration you enter the names and email addresses of your players. They will then receive their role with game booklet by email. You also assign your own role and enter your email address. You will always receive an email as a copy. If players don't have an email address, you can also assign these roles to yourself and send them by email.

The new Clue Club

With the purchase of a Cluemasters mystery game you automatically join the free and non-binding Clue Club of Cluemasters. You have no obligations, but benefit from special discounts and can participate in future puzzle designs etc. (if you want). The Clue Club is brand new at Cluemasters and part of the members area for crime gamers. You will be part of the new Clue Club, which will be expanded in the future with new features, specials, games and much much more.

The illicit misstep


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