Online Escape the Virus Trilogy

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Are you ready to play the complete Thriller Online Escape Game series with all three episodes? Decide whether you want to play the game together or in a direct duel. Either way, the suspense remains until the end.

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Episode 1: The Lab
Episode 2: The Bar
Episode 3: The Forest Lodge

From 1 to 10 players (depending on game mode) - 60 minutes playing time

- Up to 2 players €24.99
- Up to 4 players 29,99 €
- Each additional player + 2,00 € extra
- Optionally with MS Teams or Zoom Room Planning (5 € extra)

Choose your game mode:
- One team against the clock for 1 to 6 players
- Everyone against everyone: 2 to 10 players
- 2 teams against each other: 3 to 10 players

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Would you like to play an online escape game together with friends or against each other in team? Then our Escape the Lost Trilogy is definitely the right online escape room for you.

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Are you ready to play the complete Thriller Online Escape Game series with all three episodes? Decide whether you want to play the game together or in a direct duel. Either way, the suspense remains until the end.

Can you unravel the mystery? The plot:

Episode 1 'The Lab': "What happened so far - how it all began".

Within a very short time, a virus has broken out in Germany. It is very aggressive and spreads inexorably. Prof. Dr. Ebrimos started the research on a vaccine for this virus a long time ago. You and your team will support the professor at every step. But when you enter the lab one morning, you are surprised that the professor is not there yet. Usually he is already tinkering at his desk in the lab hours before you. All drawers and compartments are also padlocked. Suddenly your phone rings - the number of the professor.

"I have a bad feeling. I think I"m being followed. I"ve secured everything. Finish the vaccine and distribute it to hospitals and clinics. Take care of yourself. I'll get back to you soon." - the professor hung up. You're surprised, but get to work picking the professor's locks.

Episode 2 'The Bar': "It goes on ..."

You have unlocked all the locks in the professor's laboratory and distributed the vaccine to the first hospitals. However, you haven't heard from the professor in days. He was supposed to contact you. You have a bad feeling. You'll find the professor's diary. There is an appointment with a researcher named Dr. rer. Nat. Diebatus. You're sure he made the appointment. In the professor's diary you also found a reference to the bar "KObaltHoch10". You follow his path to the bar and now try to solve what happened there.

The bartender remembers the professor. He was at the bar all evening with two other men. At some point, he must have gotten so drunk he couldn't even walk. These two men escorted him out... Your concern is growing and you're looking for clues as to where the Professor might be now.

Episode 3 'The Forest Cabin': "The finale is coming ..."

After searching the KObaltHoch10 bar and finding a clue to the professor's whereabouts, you're headed straight there.

When you arrive at the place, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. However, a trail with fresh tire tracks leads you to an abandoned wooden hut. Carefully you approach the hut and open the front door with a creak. A biting smell hits you as you enter. Three things immediately catch your eye: the many shoe prints on the floor, the picture above the fireplace and the antlers everywhere.

You're sure the professor left you clues again. The professor was or is here. There is so much to discover in the forest hut that you will go on a direct search. Hidden puzzles, obvious clues and many locked locks await you. But time is running out.


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60 minutes


Suitable from 12 years



Game codes

After purchasing the game, 3 game codes (1 code per episode) and login information will be sent to you by email. Please note that it may take up to 60 minutes for the codes to be sent to you.

Online Escape the Virus Trilogy


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