Escape the Birthday

Can you help the birthday boy or girl? A locked box and a lonely greeting card are waiting for the birthday kid. Only after successfully opening all locks, the surprise with gifts and cake awaits it.

Would you like to personalise the box for the birthday boy or girl?
Simply write the name of the child and how old the child will be in the comments field during the order process. We will then adapt the story accordingly.

Recommendation: 4-6 children per box


Don't fancy the next children's birthday party in Spielland? Then order your Escape Box for home now and have the "Escape the Birthday" storyline adapted directly to the birthday child. The box will then be ready for the children's birthday party and the children can puzzle together. A great highlight at every children's birthday party.

The Escape Story for your birthday

The big day of honour is coming up and the birthday child is naturally looking forward to plenty of presents and delicious cake. But there are no presents and no cake in the living room. The family is not there either. On the living room table he finds a locked box and a birthday card. Curious, he opens the card and reads it. As this year's surprise, the presents are only given after successfully solving all the riddles in the box: the invitation to an exciting children's birthday party. Excited about what presents and what cake await the birthday child, the friends start the adventure together.

Can you help the birthday boy open all the puzzles and "unlock" the gifts?

Additional Information

Suitable for

Children and teenagers for their birthday


60-90 minutes


Suitable from 6 years



Escape the Birthday


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