Escape the Virus Episode 3

You have found the whereabouts of the professor and now you're on your way to find him. You're standing in front of an abandoned wooden hut in the middle of the forest. What happened here? And where is the professor?

Recommendation: 2-6 players per box


The final part of the "Escape the Virus" trilogy is waiting to be played by you. Order your Escape Box for home now and play the last adventure with friends, family or team mates as assistants of Prof. Dr. Ebrimos. Also in this mobile Escape game you can expect versatile puzzles paired with an exciting final story.

What's happened so far:

After searching the KObaltHoch10 bar and finding a clue to the professor's whereabouts, you're headed straight there.

When you arrive at the place, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. However, a trail with fresh tire tracks leads you to an abandoned wooden hut. Carefully you approach the hut and open the front door with a creak. A biting smell hits you as you enter. Three things immediately catch your eye: the many shoe prints on the floor, the picture above the fireplace and the antlers everywhere.

You're sure the professor left you clues again. The professor was or is here. There is so much to discover in the forest hut that you will go on a direct search. Hidden puzzles, obvious clues and many locked locks await you. But time is running out.

Can you find the professor?

Additional Information

Part of the triology

Part 1


60-90 minutes


Suitable from 12 years



Escape the Virus Episode 3


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