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Why do I have to give my e-mail address for the order?

Your e-mail address is important, so that we can send you the mystery game for download immediately. If you also provide the e-mail addresses of your guests, we will assign the roles individually and send the game documents directly to each guest.

Do I have to print out the game documents?

No, you can also easily save all files on your tablet or mobile phone. This saves time and paper. Just print out the name cards and put them on the table. This way you have a seating arrangement right away. 

What age are the games suitable for?

In order for the figures to appear authentic, guests should not be younger than 16 years. Due to amorous entanglements and scams, the games are not always completely G-rated. However, we do have our children and teenagers section. There the games are also playable from 8 years on. Of course, there is no limit to the number of children and teenagers.

How long do your mystery games last?

In our experience, the games for adults with meals and breaks usually last around 3 hours. But of course it depends on how active and open to discussion your guests are. 

What can I already prepare as a host?

On your dashboard you will find a suitable menu suggestion and decoration options. You are welcome to use these to offer your guests an authentic setting for the criminal case. You should also send all guests their roles and read the manual. 

Does the killer know at first that he is the culprit?

Yes, every player will find the information in his role booklet whether he is guilty or not. Every character has dark secrets that should not be revealed. But only the culprit has the possibility to hide the truth.

How many people can play the mystery games together?

All our crime games must be played with at least four people. The children's games can be extended by two additional persons. With the other mystery games you can even play with up to 10 people. Just indicate the number of persons when you buy.

We are a mixed group (m/f) - is that a problem?

No, any role can be played by any gender. In our experience, it is even funnier when the male roles are played by women and vice versa. The important thing is that you do not change the gender of the role: Alexandra must not become Alexander. 

How do I return the Escape Box?

We include a fully prepared return label with every Escape Box on delivery. All you have to do is repack the box, seal it, apply the label and take the box to the nearest DHL PACKSTATION, branch or point of sale.

How can I redeem my voucher?

You have received a voucher as a present or through our newsletter? Just enter the 5-digit code in the shopping cart under your order. It will then automatically be credited to your order.