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You know someone who has birthday soon and would like to make him or her happy? How about an interactive online Escape Game for their birthday? Individually adaptable to the birthday child with name and age you can give every virtual children's birthday the special highlight. We guarantee you and the children an unforgettable and funny Escape Game for the birthday.

An Escape Story for your birthday

Today is a birthday party and the birthday boy is looking forward to his presents. But when he enters the living room he sees no presents. The family is not there either. On the living room table he finds a small black box and a birthday card. Curious, he opens the card and reads. As this year's surprise, the presents are only given after all the riddles in the box have been successfully solved. The birthday boy immediately calls his friends and asks them for help. Excited about what presents and what cake await the birthday boy, the friends start the adventure together.

Can you help the birthday boy open all the puzzles and "unlock" the gifts?

Individualise the storyline!
Tell us the name and age of the birthday boy or girl and magically he or she will find themselves in the story :)


Extra: the video platform for your communication
You don't have to worry about anything. We create a chat room on Zoom or with MS Teams where you can communicate with the guests via webcam and microphone.



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