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You would like to play an online Escape Game with the charm of the Ruhr area around Essen together with friends or in team mode against each other? Then the Ruby of Essen is certainly the right Online Escape Room for you.

Would you like to play an exciting online escape game together even though your settled in different locations? With the Online Escape Game for the Ruhr Area, we take you to the most beautiful places in the region. Solve a tricky puzzle at each location and find out where the unknown person is sending you next. Play the entertaining Escape Game with your friends now.

An Escape Story with History

You receive a mysterious invitation from an unknown sender. He gives you coordinates and a time. Curious, your story begin.

You find yourself Essen, one of the greenest cities in the Ruhr region. Once shaped by the coal industry, today it shines as a city steeped in history with numerous cultural highlights. To be precise, you are standing in front of a huge mansion. An impressive neoclassical building surrounded by a park-like landscape. But why are you here? On the stairs of the mansion lies an envelope and a mobile phone.

Look forward to an exciting story about Essen, the Ruhr region and a lost family heirloom. Will you find it?


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