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You have the honor to accompany the wedding of your loved ones as best man / maid and would like to plan an unforgettable bachelor party / bachelorette party? How about a funny online Escape Game, which you can extend with the names of the bride and groom. With the Escape Game "Escape the Wedding" bride and groom will not forget their bacholerette so quickly.

An Escape Story for the bachelor party
It's a beautiful morning and there are only a few weeks left until Marie and Jonas' wedding. Both can hardly wait for the big day. Just as they are getting ready for a family dinner, the phone rings. The venue calls the two and tells them that they received a box from the wedding planner. There was a message for the two of them in it. The planner had found the love of her life and was now on her way to Thailand. However, she had left all the information about the wedding in the box. Panic-stricken, the couple called their witnesses, who immediately set off for the location.

Can you still save Marie and Jonas' wedding in time?

Individualise the storyline!
Give us the names of the future couple, the guests at the bachelorette party and the wedding location, so they will be displayed in the game.

Extra: the video platform for your communication
You don't have to worry about anything. We create a chat room on Zoom or with MS Teams where you can communicate with the guests via webcam and microphone.

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