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If you like Escape Rooms, you'll love Online Escape Rooms by Cluemasters!

Exciting Escape Trilogies await you, which will cast a spell over you. With Escape the Virus and Escape the Lost, two exciting online escape rooms are being launched that will provide you with a lot of mystery. While all three episodes of Escape the Virus are already available, the third episode of Escape the Lost will be available in our store by the end of April 2022. Look forward to exciting background stories, thrilling puzzles and fun moments with your friends or family.

Our Virtual Escape Games 'Escape the Birthday presents' and 'Escape the Wedding' digitize both the children's birthday and the bachelorette party in an unprecedented form. Because we adapt the background story to you and embed birthday children, bridal couples and guests into the Escape stories.

Especially in the current time our online Escape Rooms connect people: whether together, in a team against each other or everyone against everyone: Our Escape Games bring you together virtually.

Online or boxed Edition - Your Escape Game for your home

Escape the Birthday

The online birthday party

You know a birthday girl? Birthday boy or girl?

Escape the Birthday will sweeten your online birthday and help you to better pass the current time. We present here an exciting online Escape game, which we have developed especially for children from 9 years and for teenagers up to 15 years. Depending on the age of the guests we adapt the puzzles individually. We are constantly working on the improvement of the Escape Room System and are constantly developing the Escape Online Games.

The best thing about the game: we individualize the background story and embed the birthday child. There is also a small gift you will recieve when you booked this escape.

Escape the Wedding

The bachelor party online

Are you planning a bachelorette party? Bachelorette Party?

With Escape the Wedding Online we bring the bachelorette party to your home. An exciting as well thrilling backstory, online Escape puzzles and various memorable moments will await the bride as well her guests. For this, we embed the names of the wedding party into the ongoing Escape Story, which is why this party will become an unforgettable memory. In addition, we create a free souvenir card with all the players, which you can take for the wedding.

The motto is: Save the wedding, because the wedding planner has simply 'left'!

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With Cluemasters, your birthday, Halloween and even Christmas will turn into an unforgettable moment. Play our crime game series with your friends or family and try to beat the various rivals, your facing in the different cases.With Cluemasters your dinner party or gathering with friends and familiy will become a great, exciting and unique experience. Is it somebody's birthday soon? Then make him happy with a gift card for cluemasters.